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We assist Business Owners by utilizing spiritual principles, neuro-linguistic programming practices combining these with business templates which lead to creating a Full Flourishing Life.  Capabilities and a success formula will be shared to members that are producing 10x results.

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  • This is a Business Building Ministry, a non-denominational spiritual virtual home. We are here for you with uplifting live messages, with spiritual mind treatments, progressive marketing strategies and  money building classes. Our programs are designed to assist you in breaking-though where limiting thoughts/beliefs have held you back in your business and in your personal life.

YANA is your ticket to business and personal vitality + success.

  • With YANA, you can expect:  increased clients, increased customer service for your clients, increased confidence, increased vitality and healthy finances.  We provide: templates, classes, private sessions, prayers, 3-minute belief changing techniques and much more to support you in your business and personal growth. 

Prosperity is about health. If you experience moments of anxiety or feeling down, or a lack of energy, connect with our weekly live services and try us out. Wednesdays at 1:00 MT (click link above)

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  • YANA is an investment in yourself and in your business.
  • Be part of a movement that is empowering, conscious business owners. 

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