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This is a Business Building Ministry, a non-denominational spiritual home where the focus is on raising our prosperity consciousness, being a steward of our health, a steward of our money and a steward of our mental and emotional health.  With YANA, you can expect to increase your vitality, increase your financial well-being by deepening your connection to with the Divine/God.  

YANA is your ticket to pro$perity. 

Prosperity is about health. Your great health mentally, emotionally, physically and financially is what keeps you gives you confidence where you allow yourself to be seen, heard, valued and richly financially prospered.

Inve$t in yourself by joining us at YANA.

YANA is about up-leveling your inward prosperity consciousness, which then outwardly, expands your business/ministry. YANA is an investment in yourself and in your business. Be part of a movement that is empowering, conscious business owners. 

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CLAIM Your Fountain of Youth in 40 days

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