Virtual Center for Spiritual Living

You are loved. Many say they know it, but knowing it intellectually and experiencing it throughout the day are two very different things. We are here to support you to feeling it deeply no matter what circumstances you’re going through. We are here for you in your darkest hour. You are not alone.

About Us

We believe there is something greater going on in every circumstance of our lives. True health and well-being depend upon us to bring forth the greatest gift of all… love.

We come together for the greater good and support each other in rising to our fullest sense of self, knowing that is how we can bring to life that which is our gift to contribute.

Our Sanctuary

Join us every Wednesday at 3pm EST on ZOOM. We pray, we talk, we commune together in the Divine that is each of us.


Latest News

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The Power of Prayer: Healing Revealed

Monthly Monday for Prayer @ 6PM MDT Debby Powell, RSCP August 26, 2019 Receive PRAYER and Enjoy the MEDITATION Based on The Power of Eight BY Lynn McTaggart Experience the Healing Power of a Group Please join us with a Prayer Request Suggested Giving $15.00 Join us...