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  • YANA is a Business Building Ministry, a non-denominational spiritual virtual home. We are here for you with uplifting live Wednesday weekly services, with prayer also known as spiritual mind treatments, progressive marketing strategies, neuroplasticity methods and  financial classes to build your business. Our programs are designed to assist you in breaking-though limiting thoughts/beliefs that may have held you back personally and professionally.
  • Talk & Meditation: How to Let Go of Heaviness

YANA quickens business success + often increases vitality

  • With YANA, you can expect:  increased clients, increased confidence and healthy finances. We provide: templates, classes, private sessions, prayers, 3-minute belief changing techniques and much more to support you in your business and personal growth.
  • YANA is an investment in yourself and in your business.
  • Be part of a movement that is empowering, conscious business owners. 

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