Avoidance of Financials

Judy avoided doing her books every week. It turned into months. One day, after great progress around her confidence, I discovered that Judy’s avoidance was due to an unpleasant experience doing someone else’s books. We cleaned up this pattern and Judy began tackling her books with the knowledge that order equals expansion.

I taught her about cash-flow projections and the importance of tracking her progress, from a place of mindfulness. Judy is brilliant at what she does. Her clients love her.

One thing Judy does exceptionally well is “segment intend.” Judy utilizes the technique shared by Jerry and Ester Hicks on seeing what you want prior to it happening. Judy is a genius at pulling opportunities to her. She has a nature gift. All women can activate this gift once they learn to pull opportunities to them.

Her income went from $1,800 per week to $4,800 to 7,800 per week only 18 months later.

When we address our insecurities and get to the root of our fears, we can then develop and listen to personalized SMT’s (spiritual mind treatments) repeatedly until we shift our mental equivalent, to being a vibrational match with that which we seek (that is seeking us) the divine connection.

Finances are connected to our earth line of energy, our root chakra the sacrum area and often also to the lower back.

When we address our fears and get grounded in truth principles, we begin to feel the SUPPORT of the

Divine from within – our CASH-FLOW AUTOMATICALLY INCREASES!   Clear Your Money Channel…


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