Join us at the YANA Virtual Center for Spiritual Living every Wednesday at noon Pacific time, 1:00 Mountain, 3:00 Eastern for a Spirited conversation empowering us to grow and nurture each other on the Spiritual path to enlightenment.

The conversation begins after a short inspiring, motivational talk by one of our ministers: Rev Jayne, Rev. Cliff, Rev Linda or Rev Gerd. filled with inspiring motivational quotes to lift you up. We speak to self-love, forgiveness and being who you have come here to be, our talks and approach parallels greats like: Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Here are videos of our most recent talks.







Money Talks

http://Rev Gerd Pontow: How to Use the Power

http://Rev Gerd Pontow: How to Live A Balanced Life

http://Rev Linda Ketchum: How to Live from A Grateful Heart

Rev Jayne Coley How to Activate Your Power 

Rev Cliff Rubin speaks on WHAT’S REAL: From Suffering to Living with Love
Talk by Rev Cliff

Rev Gerd Pontow shares…Give Peace a CHANCE!

How to Get UNSTUCK from your Story Loop using the Conscious Mind

How to Live Vital and Alive – Rev. Linda Ketchum

How You Can Dream Big When You Feel Small 

What You Can Do When It’s Hard To Forgive¬†

How To Stop Beating Yourself Up 

Love Yourself 

How You Can Embody the Spirit of Christmas 

Finding Your Way Out Of Darkness 

Curing The Common Self-Loathing 

Terrorism & Your Spiritual Practice 

Your New Possibilities

Your Dream Is Through The Storm