Rev Jayne Coley


Give only when you can give freely without attachment of how the tithe will be

spent by the spiritual mentor or organization with a generous spirit in mind.

This will ensure you receive in the same form.

Bless all that you have including all that is on the way. Remember to send

loving thoughts and a blessing with your tithe to the spiritual

mentor/organization. You can repeat as you write the check: “As I give freely

and lovingly; I receive freely and lovingly.” “All that I give comes back to me

ten fold-thank you God.”

When you center on Spirit as the source of all your good, it multiplies! One

only needs to focus on lavishness of the wilderness to realize that nature is a

perfect source for connecting with God. When you honor the beauty in

yourself and others–joy mirrors back to you.

It was identified to me once, that if you envy another through jealousy, this is

equivalent to disrespecting yourself. There is never honor in comparison.

This only reflects our animal nature not our spiritual, higher side.

“I am” statements are excellent as a point of convergence. “I am” is a

reflective statement that means the God within. As you allow yourself to

realize that God is within you, the divine qualities previously locked within—

escape. What a blessing this is to behold.

Reprogram your thought patterns everyday. I am healthy. I am prosperous. I

am loved. I am a divine being therefore I radiate divinity. These statements

will cause an immediate shift in your world for the better. Treasure your daily

thoughts as seeds of the future.

You have 50,000 thoughts per day. How many of them do you remember?

What do you constantly say to yourself? Are you blessing your food, wallet,

clothes and surroundings? Are beauty and higher qualities what you see in

others and yourself daily? Your results will always reflect your thoughts.

Negative thoughts will manifest as illness, lack of financial resources and

inability to see the truth with clarity. Focus instead on love—multiply your


A Business Building MinistrySending love to someone who is trying to jam all your buttons—is a powerful,

potent fertilizer that causes you to have a perception shift. A quiescent or

calm disposition in response to a fiery situation will cause it to dissipate more

quickly. There is always a cause and effect.

It is easy to blame another for their behavior. You can never change

another’s personality—just your own. Besides, individuals who push your

buttons are trying to teach you a significant lesson. If you react lovingly and

peacefully this will be mirrored back. Either the person will disappear from

your life or the situation will be altered. They are a gift trying to help show

where you need to look!

Energy flows in the direction of clarity. For instance, if you want to solidify a

contract or wage, first quietly meditate on the desired result. This tip has

always been my powerful ally in past business dealings. The other party

concerned usually repeated the same words I had spoken in meditation.

ü Another favorite method I utilized was to send love to all my clients and

students the night before. It always paved the way for a peaceful, enjoyable


Self-esteem is an inner gift we all need to develop. Oprah in her March 2001

magazine shines light on self-esteem. That is, “Every woman (man) alive has

something beautiful she (he) can celebrate about herself (himself), beginning

on the inside.” Inside personal work creates outside results. If you want

more money give more. A new home seems fitting, then clean up the old

closets and give your present home some love. Want a new job then find

things to love about the present one. Confidence and being attractive are

attainable if you focus each day on seeing it in yourself and others.

Clarity comes when you become quiet. Your answers are all within you.

Each individual is unique. Hence, honor your own guidance as to where you

need to improve your quality of thoughts. Comparing to others, degrading

another or being judgmental are all examples of how you can block your

positive energy or good. Find the weeds—extract them—plant good seeds—

reap new results!

What is ether and how is it connected to your finances and health?

Ether acts as the intermediate behind the outer physical world and the void.

It is the connecting force to the spiritual realm that Holmes calls the Universal

Whole. Did Ernest Holmes understand the presence of this same

substance–ether? He stated: “We are told that matter is not a solid,

stationary thing; but a constantly flowing formless substance, which is forever

coming and going—“an etheric while or energy”. This declaration by Holmes

appears to be testimony that ether is verifiable. As a result of his findings,

can a correlation between the material and spiritual realms in everyday living

be extrapolated?

Financial & Physical Health: What connects us to ether?

The creative process is connected to ether. Ernest Holmes’s observations

assist us in the understanding of this vaporous ingredient in mainstream

consciousness. Thus, practical analysis of ether in various cultures relates

to morality, ethics and taking responsibility for the consequences of our

deeds, thoughts and words. Moreover, if we conclude that if everything is

ethereal in nature, then the currency or money is also made of Divine


It is imperative to understand economics or material existence from the

perspective of ether in order to thrive. There is confusion and conflicting

thoughts around prosperity, wealth and abundance. All that has been

recorded or ever happened has been programmed and imprinted into our

‘collective unconsciousness’. Specifically, separation by thinking that service

through our labor is the source of all wealth. In consequence, a duality

exists. And since the soul is an imprint of the collective unconscious; it

contains a record of all human events. Hence, Holmes puts it succinctly:

“The sum total of all erroneous human belief, binds until the individual

mentally lifts himself above the law of averages into the higher law of

Spiritual Individualism.”1 Chaos happens when the acceptance of the

collective unconscious becomes the norm.

For instance, it is programmed that there must be struggle, hard work and lots of effort in order to succeed financially. However, thoughts of lack and striving to extremes actually create a blockage of our Good especially. This blockage pinches the flow of money like a twisted garden hose stops water from pouring out. The natural flowing Universal Good/God

naturally flowing once pinched by too much effort with limiting thoughts of lack,

limitation, fear and doubt and it can no longer flow with ease.

However, since ether connects us to pure potentiality, source energy and

Oneness; this knowing can be utilized in an economic model. Ernest Holmes

said, “God loves a prosperous man.” Charles Fillmore wrote, “The Father’s

desire for us is unlimited good, not merely the means of a meager

existence…. It is a sin to be poor.”

Money is an idea or concept. As a result of “race consciousness” according

to Holmes, the idea of money fosters ideas of scarcity. Simply looking at the

current economic situation exposes an artificial division. Poverty and

limitation are continually being imprinted into the minds of humankind. It

takes quite a persistent student in “consciousness studies”, who comes from

a beginning of meager ways, to transcend this pervasive belief about

monetary substance as being separate from Spiritual substance or manna.

Accordingly, it comes back to ether – the glue fiber that connects to thought

and Divinity simultaneously.

Mrs. Emma Hopkins taught the following: “Prosperity teaching is a vital part

of the Truth movement, as it was a vital teaching with the great leaders of the

Bible”. Ernest Holmes and Charles Fillmore were both students of Hopkins.

The definition of prosperity includes the degree that we experience health,

peace and plenty in our world. Hopkins stated, “The prosperous truth

reminds you that your prosperity has a spiritual basis; that God is the Source

of your supply.” What would our economy look like if we all believed that

our connection to Spirit was our source of prosperity rather than our jobs?

What we really believed in is our motto: “In God we Trust.” Form is a

materialization of substance and this is connected with the formless Divinity.

Since form is directly in the realm of effect, looking to prosperity or wealth could be compared to money being the form yet connected to the formless

via the etheric web. Ether according to Holmes was more solid than matter

and comprising a form within a form. Holmes’ outlines the possibility of “a

form within the very form that one’s body now occupies in space; there might

be innumerable bodies each within the other…”

Moreover, all these sources explain the importance of staying tuned into the

ether, the moment of now. This unity creates the flow of health, plenty,

wisdom and joy with ease. By studying Van Gogh’s spiraling strokes of

color it appears that he knew somehow that ether could be made visible. His

paintings are etheric in nature.

Likewise, science, religion and politics are also part of this whole. There are

no boundaries except those in thought. Wilhelm Reich, the author of

Selected Writings, 1960 stated: “All boundaries between science and

religion, science and art, objective and subjective, quantity and quality,

physics and psychology, astronomy and religion, God and ether, are

irretrievably breaking down, being replaced by a conception of the basic

unity, a basic common functional principle of all nature which branches into

the various kinds of human experience.”

Everyone and every system functions within an integral web. We are part of

a Whole. There is but one ocean made up of droplets. Each drop is

separate yet part of the whole. Ernest Holmes stated: “Everything is a part of

one great Whole. Everything in nature is an individualization of one

coordinating Life, one Law of being, and one Presence. The mind has

become so filled with that which contradicts this that even the Truth has to

await recognition You must learn to become consciously aware of the Divine

Presence and the Divine Power, the wholeness of Truth, of Love, of

Wisdom~ the eternal Good. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, cause

your mind to dwell on peace and joy. Know that the Power of the invisible

Spirit is working in and through you now, at this very moment. Lay hold of

this realization with complete certainty.” Ernest Holmes. 7

Physical Health.

Furthermore, we can carry this same analogy into our physical health.

Health as Dr. Randolph Stone understood: “It is only the Energy in matter

that makes matter seem alive. When this energy escapes, only the shell is

left…A cure constitutes reaching the life current within and reestablishing the

free flow of its energy.”  Everyone gets sick and has pain. It is not the

body which hurts and is sick, in reality it is the life-breaths or prana currents

in the body (which operates to sustain it) which are out of balance. Moreover

the coordination of polarity function of attraction and repulsion within the life

force energy is stagnate and blocked. So, once again back to ether the

“prana” or life force energy—the web connecting all: all continually goes back

to the Source Energy/Spirit/God/Divinity.

 After studying for 1000 hours and becoming a Polarity Practitioner in July of

1994, the teachings learned profiled the importance of negative and positive

action. For instance, each cell continually contracts and expands in its

expression of the life force energy. The body takes in solids, gases, and

warmth/energy it ingests, digests, assimilates and then eliminates waste

products and gases. Thus, the heat or energy (or caloric) can be utilized.

Energy trickles down through the step-down process, the triune process.

Therefore, it is a three-fold action consisting of positive (+), negative (-) and

neutral (o). Polarity is prior to chemistry affinity.

In addition, the five main energy forces: fire, earth, air, water and ether. To

affect the etheric energy field around the body one utilizes joint to joint

pressure points. This leaves the patient with a sensation of euphoric floating.

The feeling can be compared to deep meditation where states of bliss are


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Jayne Beth Coley is a master businesswoman, having worked as an executive and life coach. Her gift is helping leaders in various fields align their personal and professional higher purpose.

She provides executive and life coaching inclusive of leadership training that up-levels her clients in all areas of their lives.

Jayne is an advanced, professional healer and intuitive/psychic, honing this skill through 23 years of business development training including a Masters in Conscious Studies. She clearly sees the blueprint of a person’s life path, and graciously navigates individuals away from subconscious

‘programming’ that inevitably hold them back and keep them stuck.

Skills: Non-Denominational Centers for Spiritual Living Minister, Polarity Practitioner, Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner, business coach utilizing business skills, affirmative prayer coupled prosperity meditations, an intuitive coaching utilizing her clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.