The doctors, standing around my hospital bed, told me I had, at most, 3 days to live, and there was nothing they could do about it.  I had 106 degree fever for three days and nothing they had attempted, including antibiotics, exploratory surgery and many other drugs.  After they filed out of the room, the weight of what they had told me, hit me.  But, after forty years of anger and upset at pretty much every area of my life, the news actually calmed me.  For the first time in forever, I surrendered.

I called my wife to take me home.  I was not going to die in the hospital.  In my bed at home, staring out the window at the view, with my wife and son beside me, I awaited death to overtake me.  Several doctors called, complaining that I should be at the hospital.  I let them know my decision was final.  I was at peace, in pain, but at peace, ad just wanted to enjoy, to the best of my ability, the little bit of time I had left.

The next morning, a friend called.  She said, “I know you don’t believe in this hooey stuff, but, since you’re gonna die anyway, why don’t you try this healer i know.”  Even though my reasonable mind wanted to reject the offer, another voice from deep inside me said, “yes.”  We went to this healer the same day.  After probing and pushing me around on his table for about 40 minutes, he said, “Ok, you’re healed.  That’ll be $140.00.”  That night my fever dropped from 106 to 101.  101 isn’t healed, but it’s not dead.

I changed my life from that point forward.  Sold my business, my house, changed my lifestyle and the part of the country we lived in.  I found Science of Mind and alternative medicine.  I delved into meditation and yoga.  18 years later, I am the healthiest I have ever been.  My life has been absolutely miraculous.