40 Day Grow Your Business Program

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Fountain of Vitality Webinar 

Business Portion of the 40 Day Program


Claim your Vitality 

… in Mind, Body and Business.

1. Dissolve CORE Sabotaging Beliefs

2. Neuroplasticity, Polarity & Kundalini

3. Discover the possibilities of your mind, body & business 

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Gain insight into your body style and how it is connected with your physical ailments

Learn to surrender anxieties or worries

Access Clarity and Direction
Find ways to make money welcome

Expect to gain greater confidence, clarity and direction

Get on the Highway to the Divine and awaken Vitality

Give me 5:  Eat, Treat & Move Your Feet

Exponentially Spiral Upward 

Focus on The One Thing
8 sessions includes a private coaching call for 30 minutes, the recording and a recorded Spiritual Mind Treatment, an affirmative prayer.

Curious? Call 970-230-0009 Jayne

COST: $1200 USD or 3 PAYMENTS OF $440 EACH