Prosperity Secret 1 & 2: Stepping Into Your Power
Allowing Joy to become the Norm

Pain and joy are what motivate our behavior.
We all try to avoid pain.
Pain is the dominant variable.
Therefore, it is imperative to find out what we are avoiding that is painful in our life. Specifically, what is slowing our progress? We will re-train our mind to take a more joyful route.
For instance, do you have a “little voice” telling you that it is painful to exercise and be healthy? Exercise can be fun and easy once our body adapts.
Anthony Robbins does a simple exercise where we sit quietly, eyes closed and feel the pain and disappointment that we would feel if you did not exercise regularly in 5, 10, 20 years from now. What a reality check!

Let’s do it together, It is 5 years from now and we have not exercised…how does it feel? Are you ….depressed, stressed, crabby, exhausted or in a depleted health state?
Now, think 10 years from now…how do you feel about yourself now? …. Are you more exhausted or tired?
Now, 20 years from now… Are you totally out of juice? Now, if that doesn’t motivate you to start exercising on a regular basis, you might want to do the exercise again and again, until you are ready to alter your behavior.

Now, let’s change from doom and gloom, sit up, smile, think of our best day and go on to the next part of the exercise.
To overcome the “little voice” talking in our head saying that says, exercise is painful, we must make it a pleasurable task in our mind’s eye. Think of several reasons why working out is joyful experience, such as:

 I look “hot” one size smaller.
 I feel more energy when I exercise three or more times a week, every week.
 I have great posture. I am more confident.
 I love looking younger and feeling healthier when I exercise regularly.
 I eat healthier when I exercise.
 I look even more beautiful when I exercise and eat healthy.
 I eat 50% to 70% of water rich foods, such as: fruits and vegetables every day.

It is easy to exercise four times a week if we make the time for it. Integrate twenty minutes of aerobic twice per week. We could take a Pilates class or go for a hike. (Bill Phillips “Body for Life” a method for aerobic exercise) Warm up on a scale of 1-10 at a level 5 for 2 minutes, then a level 6 for one minute, level 7 for 1 minute, level 8 for 1 minute, level 9 for 1 minute, and back to level 6 for 1 minute….to level 9, back again 6 to 9, back again 6 and up to a level 10 each for 1 minute, cool down for 1 minute at a level 5 = 20 minutes!

۴ DO NOT EAT after Exercising FOR 1 HOUR, IT BURNS 300% MORE FAT!!!!!!!! Just drink water and feel the pounds release gracefully! Resist the urge to loss the pounds, they may find you again. RELEASE instead!

۴ Exercising helps me relieve stress. It allows me more “me” time.
Now, try the exercise of closing your eyes, and feeling what it will be like in 5, 10 and 20 years. Indulge for 1 minute on each of the 5, 10, and 20 years. You will probably jump up and start exercising; knowing that you will feel, “great”, healthy, vibrant, youthful, confident and not to mention, Fit and Firm!!!!

Feeling Beautiful is a Choice you can make every day!
Take time to exercise and allow your body to look Fit and Fabulous!
Find a Partner to help you keep working toward your Dream!
Accountability Works!
Choose the road to Pleasure & Beauty.
You Deserve the BEST- ALLOW IT!