Addictions to Anything …Align with Your Inner DIVINE

I was binge watching a horse soap opera the other day called Heartland. I heard my thoughts say, there is nothing wrong with having a little distraction. It is in the extremes, where it starts to take over that I am referring to here.   When I fractured my kneecap last Feb 17, I got caught in a loop because I had to stay on the couch and rest around for months. It sucked. In the process, I researched addictions.

Yoga Bhajan talks about the pituitary gland and states that it is the master gland that houses the master plan. The ancients called this the “Seat of the Soul”.

How is that relevant you ask? Well, if your pineal and your pituitary are not talking to each other, guess what? Addictions can surface.

The master gland seeks a master plan outside of us and this can show up in the form of strongly desiring: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, binge watching media, shopping excessively, and on and on. Anyway, when we start attuning to our sense perception organs, one namely, the pineal gland: magic happens. Sense perception organs are not chakras. Chakras are main energy centers in the body.

I am referring to sense perception organs that when activated, we get on purpose with our life. We know our WHY. We know what drives us. We are motivated to do our life’s work, we have spark, our passion is ignited and we stop wanting TO do things to an extreme.   It worked for me.

Yogi Bhajan believed that when there is communication between the pineal and pituitary, we experience a beautiful feeling of what is often referred to as our True Self. This is our Source, our connection to the Divine within.

Why bother? Life gets easier. “Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too”. Yogi Bhajan

We get specific insights about our business and the direction to take it in our business. We meet people on the street in what seems like a synchronized event; when in fact, it is a vibrational match to our mental equivalent. Read more about …. Vibrational Match and Mental Equivalent.