Cliff’s Notes on the Science of Mind Textbook

Cliff’s Notes on the Science of Mind Textbook A new book by our Senior Minister, Rev. Cliff Rubin

The tools and Principles set forth in the Science of Mind Textbook were written so anyone with the inclination could discover a deeper and richer way to live. It takes no special talent or skill, just the desire to become more than you imagine yourself to be.

Rev. Cliff Rubin explains and clarifies the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind in an accessible way without sacrificing the depth, breadth and heart in Dr. Holmes’ message. His synopsis of The Science of Mind Textbook gives today’s readers the concepts behind Science of Mind and helps them gain a greater understanding of Dr. Holmes’ teachings.

Cliff's Notes on the Science of Mind Textbook

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Here are a few un-formatted sample chapters. You may need a special plug-in for your browser to read them. They can also be viewed at the link above to Cliff’s Notes Sample Chapters

“Cliff’s Notes is such a blessing not only for beginning students of Science of Mind but also for us “old-timers” who want to go back into the text and gather up new and deeper understanding. Cliff Rubin brings unique awareness to various passages in the text, adding the insights and perceptions he has gained from his own spiritual walk and from the years he has spent as a teacher of the philosophy. The book is a wonderful companion to reading the Science of Mind, and ministers, practitioners and teachers will find many ah-ha’s and phrases to use in talks and classes to elucidate fine points of the teaching. Cliff has performed a wonderful service for those who seek to make the spiritual philosophy we love more accessible to the people of our time. In a unique way, Cliffs Notes smooths the way for Science of Mind newcomers — and for all of us — to come home.” Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dean Holmes Inst.

“Brillant. Absolutely brillant.” Rev. Michelle Wadleigh, Senior Minister CSL North Jersey

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