Get Clarity, Get Results

I had this bright idea one day to send an email to the head office. Within 10 minutes, I had a response from a ministerial student who wanted to help with the marketing of my working with women in small business to reach 6 figures utilizing spiritual principles.

My mind I thought was clear about what I wanted until we started connecting for sessions. She helped me get crystal clear on my niche, my specialty, my gift and how to share it.

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, speaks about mental equivalent: “The limit of our ability to demonstrate depends upon our ability to provide a mental equivalent of our desires”. Everything is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what they think into it.

This is the same in business. I was limited in my mental equivalent to thinking I knew my niche, my specialty figured out and was ready to go. Wrong!

If you want to increase your income, get in touch with your mental equivalent, your ceiling of complexity, the ceiling you have in your mind, on your income known also as your set point will be exactly what you will manifest. Until you get very clear on your WHY and your niche, your gift, your specialty.

Once you are super clear on your why, your specialty, your niche, clients actually find you. You get phone calls out of the blue, you bump into people you have not seen in years and referrals become the norm without asking. It’s amazing. Get clear and get results.

When I do a session with a businesswoman, I listen to what she is NOT telling me. After about 15 minutes, I start to hear and entirely different dialogue than what is being spoken. This is the starting point for generating to a new mental equivalent. Then, I utilize tools like: spiritual mind treatment where the name of the person is spoken several times in prayer stating exactly what I can see in my mental equivalent for them. I can see as a visionary, a minister, the highest and the best for the person, the end result they are seeking.  So, as I speak this in prayer activating and praying from my higher self, I act as a channel for knowing the truth, seeing and knowing the desired result as already manifested.

Once we can see what we desire, and once this desire starts to feel normal to us at a deep level, it starts to become our new mental equivalent. It all starts in the mind through our thoughts.

Join us for our 40 day program, 8 phone sessions for $15 minutes $150/session.

Take your business to 6 figures …. I CAN Take you to the next step in your business in 2018!