Great Income, A Vague ‘why’ followed by PROCRASTINATION

Our “why” is what keeps us in our game. Debby is brilliant at manifesting what she wants. Debby is also a take-charge individual who speaks and claims what works for her. She has a healthy marriage and loves her sweetheart of a husband. Money shows up in healthy amounts for Debby.

However because of this Debby procrastinates. Debby has been building one of her businesses for the past 6 months with checks ranging from $4k to $6k and now $10k a month. Debby also has another stream of income. The sad thing is that this is exactly why her procrastination pattern raised its ugly head and started taking over her thoughts.

Debby’s one business, all of a sudden, slowed dramatically. In our session, we dug deep and found that Debby had a weak “why.” After a couple of sessions, Debby’s why surfaced. Her business helps other women be in their power. Debby loves to see others do well and to be a part of it. She does not want to be in the spotlight but wants to be making an impact on other women by helping them be financially free so they can easily afford to do things with their families and for themselves.

In Debby’s business, she is a team leader. If she does not lead her team, her business dwindles. Debby has the mind-set to succeed when she wants something. She is brilliant at pulling it together and riding the wave of success.

We discovered that as Debby began leading again and following through with her commitments, things began to flow again. It is important to have women like Debby in this world that show all of us, it is possible to do things with ease and grace when we want something!

At the end of our private session on the phone, I included a recording of a 10-minute SMT affirmative prayer with Debby’s name in it. This time, I highlighted the ‘why.’

When we get in touch with what drives our passion, our WHY – results magnify exponentially.  

Divine from within – our CASH-FLOW AUTOMATICALLY INCREASES!   

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