How to Expand Quickly in Business


Yes, I sold this beautiful home this week for $960,000.  If you only take one step, take this one.   Order creates expansion. When we clear our corners in our home, our car, our wallet, our purse and maintain breathing space in your closets and drawers, expansion naturally begins to happen.  It is like cleaning the windows in a vehicle or in our homes, we see everything as fresh and clear, a new perspective.

Maintaining order and systems that keep up with your paper flow, your boots/shoes at the door, painting corners that are chipped in our living space and maintaining what we currently own in fine style are a few choices.

What I have observed is that natural fills a void.  If you create space in a home, something new of a higher vibration has the opporutnity to flow to you. .

Order = Expansion   It WORKS!