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Wednesday Mornings for Beginners

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[heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Wednesday Gatherings[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]Every Wednesday we get together in our Virtual Sanctuary for a Spiritual Mid-Week pick-me-up.  Rev. Cliff or Rev. Jayne share an Inspiring Message, followed by conversation. There’s music, affirmations and prayer.  [/paragraph] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Time & Location[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]Join us at noon pacific time in our Virtual Sanctuary.

[heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””][/heading] [accordions id=”new”] [accgroup] [acchead id=”new” tab_id=”new0″ class=”active”][/accbody] [/accgroup] [accgroup] [acchead id=”new” tab_id=”new1″ class=””][/accbody] [/accgroup] [accgroup] [acchead id=”new” tab_id=”new2″ class=””][/accbody] [/accgroup] [/accordions] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]What to expect[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]A loving, caring group of people from around the world working to grow consciously through healing ourselves and recognizing the Divine within each of us.[/paragraph] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Get connected[/heading] [paragraph extra=””][/paragraph]