Not being Clear on Who Our Ideal Client is, Our Avatar

Not being clear on her ideal client, her avatar is exactly what tripped up Diane. Diane is a great massage therapist. The only challenge is that her client base is mixed, some are very committed to their health, others committed to clearing past traumas from their bodies, while others, do not prioritize their appointments. Diane’s emotions fluctuated weekly. A mirror of these emotional swings was showing up in her client base.

When Diane would have a cancellation that week, her emotions of fear and doubt would surface, then her mind would run off with scenarios about more cancellations and lost income. As can be guessed, more cancellations followed. Her thoughts were creating her reality.

I worked with Diane around spiritual principles, specifically faith and trust. I assisted in imprinting that “God was her Source” of Income through a personalized SMT (spiritual mind treatments).

What do I really mean by

“GOD IS MY SOURCE”? Everything comes from the


This One Mind connects all of us. God is the Source of ALL IDEAS, all inspirations and the Source of OUR MONEY.

How so? An idea, an intuition drops into our mind.

We have a CHOICE, follow it or ignore it.

When we say later, this immediately blocks our financial flow. Once I pointed this out to Diane, every time she had a cancellation, I said, imprint: “God, Universe, Divine (substitute your favorite name) send me TWO more committed clients. I also highlighted to Diane that she became like a scared rabbit when clients cancelled – dropping into a “Debbie Downer Mode.” Once she saw her scared rabbit pattern, we were able to re-program her thoughts. This in turn, affected her emotions. It took several months to let go of this fearful response that would surface when clients cancelled last-minute.

It takes time to shift patterns sometimes when we have been doing them for 10+ years like Diane had but it did eventually shift.

I taught Diane techniques for stabilizing her emotions and mental mantras including breath-work sequences, to change her sabotage programming.

We need to know what gets us out of balance. For instance, too much sugar, too many stimulants like caffeine, or too much alcohol (a known depressant) or when we experience a lack of sleep for several nights. All of these lower our energy – our vibration. This heightens our emotions.

When our emotions are in charge, we are in trouble. The kid in us is in charge and this isn’t pretty. Drama reigns.

I am happy to report that Diane rarely drops

back into her sabotage pattern of fear. She has become like a unicorn, pointing

the way with ”MIND MANTRAS “ and daily spiritual practices.

Her income has gone from a steady $3,500 per month to $6,500.

I share these stories in the hope of providing spiritual tools and a sense of hope for those who seek to grow their conscious businesses. This world needs conscious business owners who are tuned-in, tuned- up and are richly Prospering to the tune of 6 -figures.

It’s not about the money, it’s about who we become in the process,

The highest and best version ourselves!

“What you do for me Jayne is restore my faith and trust by connecting me deep within my heart.” Diane

Now these successful business owners can share and help others feel the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY that comes with Success.  Ask yourself honestly, what do I want MY responses to be to my loved ones in 2018?

Living a charmed life, being who we were called to be is truly the way to go. It’s a Choice!

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