WHAT IS A PRACTITIONER?  Licensed Practitioners at YANA Virtual Center for Spiritual Living are here to support you through spiritual guidance and spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer. They have completed many years of professional training and credentialing to create a safe, sacred and completely confidential space for their clients to lay their burden down. We invite you to contact them to feel what it is like to have someone of this caliber in your corner to supporting you. We have 4 licensed Practitioners in different time zones available to do private sessions with you. 

HOW DO I WORK WITH A PRACTITIONER?  The first prayer is on us! After that, you can request the Practitioner schedule a full session with you for about 45 minutes. A formal session includes time to discuss the details of the condition or situation you would like prayer support to change.Then, the Practitioner will re-frame the condition, or circumstance from a Divine Perspective.  The Practitioner will share their rates before the session is booked. They will invoice you for their time.  The 3-5 minute prayer is free. The hourly charge is for the Practitioner’s time and professional expertise.

During These Troubling Times, we invite you to open to what is calling you from within.  Maybe it is a new business idea you want to start up or expanding your current business or changing employers.  It could be your health is calling you to up your level of commitment in fitness. A relationship that requires transforming may be ready to change. It could be that you rarely sleep well and stress seems to burden your mind.
Call today to bring forth a life of joy, wonder, great health and prosperity.

Lisa is a Transformation Coach. What Lisa Can DO for YOU, “I help all people transform heart and mind so that they can have a wonderful life so that they can have peace can manage their stress allowing them to feel good about themselves”

Lisa Balfour was raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada and has been a Practitioner since 1999.  Lisa has had a passion to serve others since she was 14 yrs old. She has worked with spiritual principles to  transform her own life having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) from birth.  Lisa leads a good life as a gentle and loving soul.  Lisa’s prayer specialty is in helping those who feel alone, whether it is a dis-ability, or maybe you are a truck driver, or you don’t get out of your home very often. Call Lisa for a session at 403-293-7691 or 1-877-593-7691 Mountain time  $50.00 for 45-minute session.

Her mission is to empower others to shine forth in all their unique brilliance.   Deanna is a strategic interventionist, relationship coach, holistic health practitioner, travel consultant and visual artist.   My work on behalf of my clients continues between sessions, as I hold each one in consciousness and frequent prayer.

Deanna’s prayer specialty is in helping other create vision and purpose in their lives. Contact her @ deanna.bordelon@gmail.com Central Time, Each 45-minute to 1 hour session is $100.

Janette is a licensed Emeritus Practitioner and received her license in 1997. She has a Master’s degree in speech and language pathology.

Janette’s mission is to empower others to live a life of passion and purpose and to create the best version of themselves.

Janette has a systematic method for learning to communicate effectively, to easily move through life’s challenges and difficulties, and to live a life they love with joy, contentment and peace.  Contact her by phone at 813-679-1754 EST or by

email ReallifeExpressing@gmail.com  Sessions by phone, zoom meeting, face time or in person.   45 to 60 minute session for $75.00

Marianne Giblin resides in Long Beach, CA. A metaphysician since age 12, she’s been part of the New Thought movement since 1980; becoming a Licensed Practitioner in 2007. Her profession as a Spiritual Guide, Coach, Educator and Leader is an extension of her public service career healing, revitalizing and co-creating thriving communities. Marianne specializes in empowering and uplifting her clients to access their genius, co-create a rich life and manifest their visions faster and easier than they imagined. She also facilitates sacred healing retreats at mystical sites worldwide. Call/Text/WhatsApp (213) 718-5730 Pacific Time (GMT-8) marianne@mariannegiblin.comTransformation Solutions   30 minute session for $60.00

If you are unable to reach these Practitioners for support, please contact Rev. Jayne Beth Coley  email jc@sopris.net or call/text 970-230-0009 Mountain Time.