Prosperity Secrets in Business

5 modules available @ $39.00 each

PRO$PERITY SECRETS: Purchase for $39 Secret 1 & 2


Recommended by Rev Catherine Ponder the prolific prosperity writer for Unity Church.

INCLUDES: Workbook, Videos that include a powerpoint slide show, audios and a 15-minute private session to shift any limiting beliefs.


Secret 1 & 2: Stepping Into Your Power

Allowing JOY to become the Norm

Power Play Practice: 1A


Secret 1: How Comfortable is Your Rut?

Living in the Past from Condition

Breaking Free of the Past & Prospering with Ease

Ditching the Sabotage Patterns

Training Your Emotions & Rolling In The Cash

Power Play Practice:   1B

Creating the New: 1C

Releasing the Old: 1D

Welcoming the New: 1E

Mastering Manifesting: 1F

From Pain to Powerhouse: 1G

PROSPERITY SECRETS: Purchase for $39 Secret 3 & 4

Secret 3 & 4: Giving/Receiving: The Two-Sided Coin

  1. Reap the Rewards of Sharing

Acknowledging the Source of Your Prosperity

Rapid Receiving: “Faith & Thank Offerings”

Everlasting Prosperity

Body Alive

  1. Pumping Up the Flow

  2. Sharing the Wealth

  3. Receiving the Wealth

Playful Prosperity Practice: 2A

Affirming Your Prosperity: 2B

Everlasting Prosperity: 2C

Breathing in Vitality: 2D

PROSPERITY SECRETS: Purchase for $39 Secret 5 & 6

Secret 5 & 6: Orderly Expansion

Success Simplified

Mastering Order = Expressive Expansion

Taking Stock: Building Dreams: 1

Taking Stock: Building Dreams: 2

Stepping Up & Moving Forward

Take 1: Rolling the Cameras

Producing Your Movie

We are playing out our beliefs on a movie screen called our “Life Now”. When we take a good look at what we are projecting on our screen, we gain insight into what our beliefs are. It can all be changed, but it takes practice, discipline, patience and trust. We can focus on our past SUCCESSES. Whatever we focus on MULTIPLIES!   We attract it!

Preparing & Prospering: 3A

Affirming Prosperity: 3B

Prosperity Empowerment: 3C

Affirming Abundance: Ernest Holmes

PROSPERITY SECRETS: Purchase for $39 Secret 7 & 8

Secret 7 & 8: Playful Ways to Prosper Quickly: 4A

1. Claiming Your Treasure

2. Raising the Arrow

Visualizing with Focused Intensity: 4B

Powerful Visualization Success Tools: 4C

Powerful Prayer Practices: 4D

Abundance Made Easy: 4E

Affirming the Truth: 4F

Rooting in the New: 4G

Writing the Joyously: 4H

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: 4J

Direct Reflection: 4K

PROSPERITY SECRETS: Purchase for $39 Secret 9 & 10

Secret 9 & 10: Balancing Beautifully While Becoming Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Energy/Polarity: Triune Process

Health Simplified

Wealth Simplified.

Success Strategies

Wealthy Tips

Balancing with Ease & Grace: 5C