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Balance can feel very different for each one of us. What feels balanced to one may feel unbalanced to another. Also, what once felt balanced, might now feel unbalanced and vice versa. The scales are in our hearts. The weights are our perception. As our perception evolves, so does what we need to create balance.

Yet, as with anything we focus on, the power of our awareness draws it towards us. Balance is no exception. Without knowing exactly what we need, by focusing on balance, we draw to us the opportunities to discover and create a balanced life.

In fact, the more we focus on balance, the more we realize life has been drawing us towards it all along. The more we rest in the calm assurance that, of course, our lives work magnificently, irregardless of circumstance, the deeper we recognize each circumstance as an opportunity towards balance… and peace.

Focus on balance and life will guide you. A balanced heart is a happy heart.