what is your practice for today? please join our Circle of Practice.

Spiritual practice isn’t something we do and then get on with our day. It must be alive within us, to help us rise above the circumstances of our day. When we feel upset, urgent, afraid, angry or any other emotion that means we have forgotten the Divine expression we truly are, these are the moments to stop whatever we are doing, and bring alive that practice we hold most sacred.

The deepening of our spiritual practice means the ability to walk each step of our journey within its purveyance. It takes discipline to shift our priority from whatever we made important in a given moment, that has led to our illusory state, to the returning to the gentle nudge of the Truth.

It has taken me decades to gain the ability to remember in the midst of my darkest moments that the light is not out there, but within. For a well established spiritual practice does not mean we don’t have dark moments, it just means we know where to turn when they happen and have the ability to turn there.

Practice, practice, practice, until your spiritual practice is alive, within you, every moment of every day.