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Instead of holding our dreams to what we think is possible, grow your courage to the miraculous. If you have no idea how to create your dream, learn what ever you need to learn to get there.

4 years ago, I had a dream of becoming a minister and creating my own ministry through Centers for Spiritual Living. I was not a Licensed Practitioner, nor a college grad, nor did I have the $30,000 it ultimately cost. These were three hurdles to even entering the Holmes Inst Master’s program. At the time I first had this dream, I didn’t even have a job.

But, because I knew this dream was mine to do, I gained the courage to proceed, developed every ability I needed along the way and allowed the universe to support me in ways I never anticipated.

Don’t let what you or anyone believes to be realistic get in the way of your dreams. Have the courage to let your life be miraculous.