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The original definition of inspire is to breathe life into something. Whatever the circumstance, we can inspire ourselves & rise above through the simple act of conscious breathing. In Tibetan Buddhism, the first meditation they teach you is to sit with eyes open and counting your breathe to 25. On average, I make it to about 10 before having to start over. When I first started doing the meditation, I made it to 3. The simple act of practicing, calms my body and mind down, and brings peace into my world.

Yesterday I drove to U-haul to have a hitch put in my car. I had a very busy day, the U-haul place was 2 miles from my home and my plan was to drop off the car and walk home. I arrived to learn I was at the wrong location. The one I had made the appt, was 4 miles from where I was presently located and 4 miles from my home.

My immediate reaction was upset. In less than 30 seconds, I was consciously breathing into the situation, knowing time was on my side and that my life works. I quickly calmed down and drove to the new location. I dropped off the car and started walking home, deep in a gratitude meditation. After about a mile, I came to a restaurant, grabbed a bite to eat and as I walked outside, a bus arrived that took me the rest of the way home. I arrived home at the original time I had planned and finished out my day.

No matter what the circumstance, breathe. Your life will be inspired.